Who are we?

Brookfield Rural Fire Brigade is a volunteer brigade within the Queensland Fire and Emergency Service (QFES). The Rural Fire Service (RFS) is an integral part of the Queensland Fire and Emergency Service, with a history of over 60 years

The RFS provides fire services to 93% of Queensland’s vast state. The RFS comprises approximately 28,000 volunteers in 1,400 rural fire brigades and 2,400 fire warden districts.

RFS volunteer provides services in their local area, including:

Brookfield Rural Fire Brigade was established back in 1958 and was formed when the area was primarily farming and agriculture. Over time this has evolved into the brigade we have today. 

Who are our members?

Brookfield Rural Fire Brigade consists of approximately 70 members from all walks of life, and their day to day jobs are are varied as their ages, one thing they all have in common is a desire to serve and protect their local community. 

There are no paid positions within the Brookfield Rural Fire Brigade every member is a volunteer. 

Our Area?

Each Rural Fire Brigade operates primarily within their brigade area. The Brookfield Brigade area consists of around 5,100 Hectares spanning from Boscombe Road in the East to just before Lake Manchester in the West.  The below map shows a high level view of our area. 

We are backed up by a number of neighboring brigades which we can call on at any time if required. Brookfield Rural Fire Brigade also works very closely with our Urban Station at Pullenvale.